top 50 places to visit in europe

Whether you’re an early riser, or your evening somehow dissolved into dawn (after perhaps one too many absinthe cocktails at the Black Angel’s Bar in Old Town) watching the sunrise over the City of a Hundred Spires is a can’t-miss experience, and one of the few times you’ll see the popular tourist site nearly empty. When going to Berlin, you get a special feeling that you won’t get anywhere else. Culture nerds can explore the castle overlooking the city or lose hours in one of many museums. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of wines available in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. Recommended by Caroline from Pack the Suitecases. The best part – Hamburg’s buses have bookshelves and you can borrow the books for free!

And if you have more time, Tel Aviv is close by and has the sea access. A bit further spreads the picturesque Krutenau district where wine producers, market gardeners and boatmen used to live. Not many people outside of Europe and the Mediterranean region know where Sardinia is. Those wanting to get active can kayak through the deepest canyon in France, hike the mighty calanques, or cycle Mont Ventoux – one of the most famous climbs in the Tour de France!

—Rick Jordan, The appeal of a 24-hour churro shop is, of course, that you can eat them no matter what time your plane gets into Madrid. If you have more time and money, you can explore the royal home at Traquair, get lost in their maze and taste one of their locally brewed ales.

Lodged between the larger Gozo and Malta islands, one can easily do a day trip to Comino’s nature reserve, or stay longer. Take note, though – the fountain is closed in winter! AP.

Barcelona feels a bit surreal – appropriate, since Salvador Dali spent time here and Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí designed several of the city’s buildings. And oh, the Georgians are very friendly, too! Here you’ll find peace as you roam the black sand beaches or the streets of a provincial village like Imerovigli. Some of its true standouts include Oia, a serene village known for its sunset, and Santorini Brewing Company, a microbrewery that is a fan favorite for craft beer lovers. Venice is a city that enlightens the senses. Recommended by Tom from The Travelling Tom. Italy, Germany, and Switzerland are only a short drive or train ride away.

The Stockholm metro system is said to be the world's longest art gallery, spanning 60-plus miles with 90 of its 100 stations decked out with murals, tilework, mosaics, sculptures, and more. Be sure you have a camera ready, too (no one warns you that you can only see their swirling colors in photographs, and, pro tip, most cell phones will turn off in the cold).

Recommended by Jan from Budget Travel Talk. However, to see the best side of San Marino, leave the city and explore the countryside.

—R.J. Yes, England’s capital has a reputation for being expensive, but with a glut of free museums and many of the city’s most iconic architecture sitting there to be snapped for free, you can get by relatively cheaply. 10 Things to Do on the Curonian Spit in Summer, Zunda Guest House in Nida: Affordable Cosiness. Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through the links on this site.

When it’s time for dinner, take your pick of countless restaurants with beautiful river views, traditional live music and local cuisine.

Coming in to Padstow, the whitewashed town is incredibly pretty. Recommended by Wendy from Travel Drink Dine.

From the Florentine T-bone steak to the pici handmade spaghetti to the panzanella salad, Florence tradition has something for everyone. Stepping into Gaudí’s Church of the Sacred Family is a bit like falling through the looking... Barcelona feels a bit surreal – appropriate, since Salvador Dali spent time here and Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí designed several of the city’s buildings.

Recommended by Claudia from My Adventures Across the World. It’s a quiet city with a moderate number of tourists, which makes it the perfect place if you are looking for an off-the beaten-track destination in Italy. But the second largest city in Belgium has more to offer. Whatever you do, remember to use your hands as turn signals when you're on the road, and don't stop in the middle of the bike lanes. Scholars enjoy walking in the literary footsteps of such writers as Yeats and Joyce, while discerning shoppers have their pick of designer boutiques.

It’s easy to see why an exiled Leon Trotsky once chose this island as his refuge. Top 50 Places to Visit in Italy, Europe – Relish the Roman Renaissance architectural beauties and the amazing Leaning Towers of Pisa.

This city has joined the bandwagon of quirky cafes, underground (literally) bars that are not known to many and an emerging scene of co-working spaces. There are many cool things about Basel – accessibility, museums, food, cultural life and day trip possibilities. Inari is well-connected too, as the nearest airport of Ivalo is only a 30-minute drive away. Or take a more serene ride through the Vondelpark, which is especially beautiful in the spring and fall.
Cars are heavily restricted in the town which helps build the feeling that you have stepped back in time.

Hike up Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall to find the reservoir at the top. With its rich history, lush landscape, Epicurean enchantments, and bountiful collection of beers, Brussels is a travelers dream.

Spend some time wandering the Old Town Square before heading over to gape at The Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock.

Turkish coffee is regularly served here, but the city is also home to a new and burgeoning specialty coffee scene. If you’re a bit of a coffee snob, Amsterdam has plenty of little cafés serving great coffee and delicious baked goods on the side.

The city of spas offers an astounding array of baths, from the sparkling Gellert Baths to the vast 1913 neo-baroque Szechenyi Spa to Rudas Spa, a dramatic 16th-century... Over 15 million gallons of water bubble daily into Budapest's 118 springs and boreholes.

Brașov is a city in Transylvania nestled right up against the mountains. All of Italy is a culinary wonderland, but so many of the foods and dishes we associate with the country trace their roots to Emilian-Romagnan cuisine. Dividing the two areas is Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens where, on the random nice day, holidaymakers and natives alike eat lunch and people watch. Split, on the other hand, feels more real and although it is attracting more and more tourists it still maintains a quieter charm and offers a real taste of Dalmatian life. Barcelona is the best place to visit in Europe as it caters to everyone, regardless of your interests. You can even listen to a concert from inside one of the region’s seemingly countless craters, if you visit in the warmer months. If you’re a fan of urban exploration, then this city is for you.

Set on the former no-man’s-land between East and West Berlin, this chaotic Sunday flea market now welcomes a melting pot of locals and visitors.

Lapland is also connected to the Arctic Sea in the north, which is a great diving site to those who are comfortable diving in the cold waters. Rovinj is a jumble of pale yellow and pink buildings perched on a peninsula in the Adriatic Sea in Croatia’s northern Istria region. With its old world charm of cobblestone streets and the famous gondola boats that line the waterways, it’s a romantic city that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Jerusalem is one of those important cities you probably should visit in your lifetime, whatever your religious affiliation is.

Albania is a less explored county in the Balkans, but its capital Tirana is definitely a worth-visiting place in Europe. Unfortunately, the only Grand-Duchy in the world is often limited to its banks and fiscal paradise. Some of the city's iconic hotels, like the Cipriani, have a private dock and will send their own transport for you. Historically speaking, Georgian wine is believed to be the first wine produced in the world because of its blessed geographic location and perfect climate. In the diamond district, there is a lot to see and an astounding 80% of the world’s diamonds are traded here. Those looking for quirky sights and attractions should definitely pay a visit to the Museum of Cosmonautics, dedicated to space exploration during Soviet times. It sets the stage for a visit in a way no other city can offer. In summer, you can hike or ride a tram to the top of the ski lifts, where the tinkling of cow bells can often be heard from the fields as you take in stunning panoramic views of the mountains.
The birthplace of the Minoans, the first advanced European society, and of the Greek god Zeus, Crete is packed with enough history to keep you occupied throughout your stay. Recommended by Chantell from Adoration 4 Adventure. Antwerp is known for its huge port, which is important to worldwide trade, and for being the home of baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens.

The largest of the twelve Dodecanese islands on the Aegean's eastern edge, Rhodes is also its most popular. Recharge after outdoor pursuits in one of the many geothermal springs or luxurious... Reykjavik bears the distinction of being the world’s northernmost capital, and for many Icelandic visitors it also serves as a gateway to the rugged adventure options beyond.

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top 50 places to visit in europe