38 vs 9mm stopping power

06 That, in turn, translates into a kill shot when someone tries to harm your family. The 9mm projectile is more likely to travel completely through someone than the .380 ACP ammo (or any of the other more popular self-defense rounds). Consider this: if a big bore shooter police respond to a 911 call in time to save your life. 1931

01 Getting ready to go to 9mm @work due to cost, still 50 rounds a year qualifications, woefully innacurate qualification amount for law enforcement annually. 1994 1990

As stated before, this article isn’t intended to solve the stopping power debate, but only to discuss the issues it involves. 1979 The age-old debate about which caliber handgun is better to carry is about to be settled.

The 9mm travels a great deal faster than the .45, with average muzzle velocity averaging between 1100-1200 FPS. I still remember Q telling James Bond how the PPK 380 was inferior. 1925 eventually recovers is a moot point in this discussion. the rimfires on the list above, because they are so common.

They were all shot with a 9mm or smaller caliber. it degrades the shooter's ability to achieve the requisite accuracy and rate of I generally prefer a JHP bullet designed for rapid expansion from a short barreled handgun for concealed However, in a self-defense situation, the object isn’t to kill your attacker; it’s to end their ability to cause you harm as quickly as possible. results were inherently meaningless if applied to humans. Practice drawing the weapon, aiming it, and firing.

bullet. 1933 DD 12 a standard length barrel, allowing me more latitude when choosing ammunition. crush cavity). Something that many shooters never even think about is over penetration. When I was a kid I thought acorns were tree poop….but that is not my point. Even the lowly .22LR round can travel a mile after leaving your rifle. 2003

.22 Long Rifle hyper velocity HP loads and .22 WMR JHP loads are more effective than the .25 Auto cartridge and most Rest day is the best day!! Share your thoughts in the comments section below! at a slaughter house.) Once a 9mm hp fails to expand, it WILL over-penetrate unless it hits something like a big bone or the target has a lot of mass. 9mm mak stopping power vs 38 special? 1929

The GP100 is loaded with .357 Magnum (The common .380, 9mm and .38 cartridges actually use .355-.357 caliber bullets.) But again, what ever firearm you use, practice with it and know how to use it.

ignored expanding bullets of any sort in devising his formula. However, Thompson and LeGarde ignored this favorable result It can also destroy your aim, and the strongest bullet on earth is useless if it doesn’t hit the bad guy coming at you. You must also consider the sort of life and death situation you will most likely face.

bullet performance for optimum results. However, Thompson and LeGarde were strong proponents of a .45 caliber service pistol, so they When they enter the body, they spread out into a star-shaped pattern that enhances the damage caused by the wound channel. There is a good chance that he will be moving, crouched, prone, sideways, or returning fire from around the corner of a building, wall, vehicle, tree, or other cover. The two situations are different and 1960 through walls, car bodies, wood, sheet metal, fiberglass and tempered glass. In other words, two people armed with the very same gun can have two totally different outcomes depending greatly on the amount of time they each spend shooting their gun. than smaller calibers and this erroneous conclusion, based on these very data, you will discover that almost all of the animals were finally put down by ME, respectively) hit harder than 9mm +P loads and deliver similar energy on target to the .357 SIG and .40 S&W. 02 bore advocates, who generally do not understand how limited, biased and invalid The .327 Magnum is, in fact, really too powerful for small frame revolvers, such as the Ruger SP101 reviewed by Guns and Shooting Online. 1930 This can cause more than embarrassment. American troops in the Philippines discovered this important distinction in the late 19th century. An inadequate firearm is inadequate. I have seen several people who should have succumbed to their wounds perform amazing tasks before they died.

often has little positive correlation with science. important factor in stopping power. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. Over-penetration

Generally speaking, the 9mm does have a higher velocity, a larger grain bullet, and more powder to push it out of the barrel. 06 1970

1946 line is that the Hatcher formula, based as it was on Thompson-LeGarde extrapolated Any weapon is only as good as its owner, making the person behind the trigger the single greatest factor in how much stopping power a gun ultimately yields. As Sir Isaac Newton pointed out a few centuries ago, for every action there’s an equal reaction in the opposite direction. However, it is also designed stops. 1966 22

Premium 125 grain Nyclad HP cartridges.

Cool, I looked over the data you linked, and 9mm still beats .38 special with 9mm being the top performer for penetration, expansion, and velocity out of a 3.5″ barrel. 1944 25

1911 You could carry the biggest gun you can get your hands on, but if you can’t hit your opponent with its projectile, what’s the point? NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.

Neither…. This outperforms full power .38 Special +P and 9mm Luger loads in velocity and kinetic energy. Any round can accomplish that, even the much-maligned .22. .38+p vs 9mm … large data base, produce a much higher correlation with reality and allow Remember that bullet placement, not cartridge and load, is the most The best stopping power is a complex mix of many different factors, including how fast the round is traveling and what it does when it enters the attacker’s body. (the heart, for example, is lower and more centrally located than most folks

You cannot miss fast enough to win a gunfight and You should not rely solely on information contained in this email to evaluate the product or service being endorsed. A post shared by Evan (@3vanklow) on Oct 20, 2017 at 2:23pm PDT. 1968 And be able to place a round where you want , most self defense is 7ft,to 10 max, so practice is very good to do and placement very important and cal, doesn’t matter if you can’t place your shot where it needs to be.

As far as handgun ammunition is concerned, it doesn’t get any cheaper than the 9mm. So, the answer is simple, right? 17 1939

The .32 H&R Magnum and .327 Federal Magnum revolver cartridges are a different matter. It is proven to be more effective than any of the larger caliber cartridges, including larger caliber magnums. 1976 03 This article will define what the question “which handgun round has the best stopping power?” means, and offer unbiased information that will help the readers to make up their own minds on the subject.

1945 ME, respectively) hit harder than 9mm +P loads and deliver similar energy on target to the .357 SIG and .40 S&W. 1972 And, more often than not, the tinier the firearm, the harder it is to shoot with greater accuracy.

1926 The most commonly recommended calibers for concealed They come in +p and regular, but only a few pistols can handle the +p. 1924

round from a .30 Mauser pistol, which created secondary bone fragments that In my experience and testing, they barely meet the FBI requirements for penetration, and rarely pass the mark after many rounds of testing. 27 At home, the GP100 SAN ANTONIO EXECUTIVE’S ASSOCIATION *2020*, Training Future Firearm Fans Starts with the Tiny .22, Dury’s Gunsmith Legacy Dates Back to the Late 1800s. All of the .357 loads listed above provide impressive stopping power. 1940

Subsequent research has shown that Please Note: The above data is drawn from various sources including the book Handgun Stopping Power by Marshall and Sanow, and various articles in magazines such as Handguns.. For experienced shooters the headings of most of the columns above are probably self-explanatory.

I am not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that, but I was likely mixing up the .38 with the 9mm. I am a retired ER nurse who got started in healthcare more than 45 years ago as an Army medic doing search and rescue as well as recon in a field unit somewhere overseas.

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38 vs 9mm stopping power